ProClarity Analytics Platform

The ProClarity Analytics Platform consists of the ProClarity Analytic Development Platform and the ProClarity Analytics Suite. These products let you decide which approach to analytics-custom or turnkey-works best for your enterprise. Use the ProClarity application development platform for custom analytic applications, or use the predeveloped ProClarity Analytics Suite for install-and-go convenience. Use the suite and development platform together to tailor functionality from the user interface to the server environment.

Key Benefits:

You can have analytics made to order or ready to go. The choice is yours. Install-and-go with the ProClarity Analytics Suite to instantly leverage our award-winning analytic products, or use our analytic components and APIs to create a custom analytic application that meets your exact requirements.
Product Profile
  • Analytics Suite
  • Analytics Application Development Plaform
  • Reporting Services
  • Instant Dashboard